Reticulating Splines
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Right Process
Whether augmented bolt-on resources or individual projects, we utilize Kanban or Scrum for our agile workflows. This includes grooming, sizing, retros and stand-ups. Waterfall equates to chaos and it’s not something we’re interested in. All of our engagements are tracked hourly, invoiced weekly, and require payment less than or equal to NET-15. Engagement success occurs when product and engineering work together with a shared vision and goals to completion. In every case, we mandate transparency throughout the entire process and continually evaluate each component of our workflows to maintain a high level of efficiency and value. If you do not like a minimum level of the engagement process, we are not interested in working with you.
Right Metrics
We never take clients that do not pay for automated tests. At a foundational level, we believe automated tests are critical to the success of writing software. If you are wanting to cut this corner, don’t worry, you can find many cheaper options out there. We’ll pass, but call us when you’re application melts down and no one knows why. Tests are not the only feature that matters. We advocate for community-driven, coding style approaches utilizing tools like rubocop, eslint, and stylelint. It’s better to code with the community than increase our DSL, just to be “cool.” Finally, we grade our work with tools like Code Climate, Simplecov, and RubyCritic. Knowing these metrics, increases confidence in what we are producing, reduces unnecessary complexity, and prevents defects.
Right Values
First and foremost, we are craftsmen. We intrinsically value the work we accomplish, the meticulous attention to detail, and the quality of the work we pass on. We understand that we are not perfect; software processes are not perfect; the bugs are inevitable. Perfect is the opposite of done, but our primary goal is to meet in that sweet spot in the middle. As constant learners with over 15 years of experience in technology from startups to enterprises, we understand the differences and requirements of each variation. However, every business presents an exciting unique set of challenges, and we tailor our approach accordingly. To us, they are opportunities to help, learn, and grow.
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